Divisions and Foundations


DWNR, has Three Branches,

Williams Lake BC Canada,

Vancouver BC Canada,

Edmonton Alberta Canada.

In these we have staffed and employed the following Divisions:

Williams Lake BC Canada:

Forestry Consulting, Div 1,

Tree Planting, Div 2,

Brushing, Div 3,

Timber Cruising, Div 4,

Surveys and Prescriptions, Div 5,

Mapping and Layout, Div 6,

Harvesting, Div 7,

Site Prep and Road Construction, Div 8,


Vancouver BC Canada:

Public Relations Representation, Div 9,

Harvesting, Div 10,

Road Maintenance, Div 11,

First Aid Training, Div 12,

Fire Suppression Training, Div 13,

CIFAC Smoke Jumping, Div 14,

Falling/Bow Bucking, Div 15,

Hydroline Clearing, Div 16,


Edmonton Alberta Canada,

OilField Consulting, Div 17,

Line Cutting, Div 18,

Siesmic Surveys, Div 19,

Oil Supply, Div 20,

CatChasing, Div 21,

Offshore Staffing, Div 22,

Drilling, Div 23,

Land Man Services, Div 24.

To contact us for background and history or with being interested in becoming part of our department for staff, then email us by clicking here.

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