Hydroline Clearing Div 16

Direct West Natural Resources LLP,

Division Sixteen, Hydroline Clearing,

Administrator: Dean Stratton, CEO
Tel: +1-250-303-0940,
Email: directwest_companies@hotmail.com


  • ​We’ve been in business since 1999 serving clients big and small.  Our equipment is modern, fully equipped, inspected and certified.  Our personnel are qualified, trained and competent.  We are fully insured and COR certified.
  • Tawow is based in SW Calgary and the company has earned a reputation for doing quality work and providing cost effective services.


  • Tree trimming, pruning and removal
  • Hazard/Danger trees (including those under/infringing on power lines)
  • Storm damage and debris cleanup and removal
  • Stump Removal
  • Mulching and/or slash crews (logging as required)
  • Fence lines, fields, windrows, roadways & roadsides
  • ROW’s – Utilities, Oil and Gas and Forestry
  • And many other sites that require clearing
  • Mark Tatem
  • 403.899.9592
  • Email: mtatem@tawowresources.com
  • Maria Tatem
  • 403.874.5024
  • Email: maria.tatem@tawowresources.com

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