Line Cutting Div 18

Administrator: Dean Stratton, CEO
Tel: +1-250-303-0940,

Tawow is based in SW Calgary and the company has earned a reputation for doing quality work and providing cost effective services.

GPS operations 

Map Reading 

Mechanical aptitude 

Communication Skills 

General knowledge of forestry environments & terrain conditions 

Problem-solving skills 

Decision-making skills 

Knowledge of applicable regulations 

Writing & grammar skills 

Knowledge of seismic & international colour coding systems 

Recognition of permanent sample plots (PSP’s) 

Mulcher traveling and cutting limitations 

Forestry requirements for timber salvage 
Ground disturbance requirements, Required training certificates: 

Alberta — St John’s Ambulance Standard First Aid (or similar) 

WorkSafe BC — Level 1 First Aid (or equivalent) plus transportation endorsement 

Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)  Workplace Hazardous Materials

Information System (WHMIS), Appropriate worker traits and behaviours,

Demonstrated competency in mulcher operations: 

Able & willing to assume responsibility for the safe working operation of a mulcher 

Knowing & understanding applicable regulations and codes for the seismic industry & the safe operating procedures for mulching 

Ensuring the mulcher meets or exceeds all applicable safety standards 

Ensuring the mulcher is in good state of repair and in safe operating condition 

Maintaining physical condition to be capable of operating the mulcher without risk to personal health and safety of others 

Ensuring no new hazards are introduced into the worksite that might endanger other workers or other persons 

Ensuring all tress are completely felled or properly marked with their location identified and communicated to the supervisor and all other affected workers 

Maintaining prescribed safe working distances from other workers and other machines, Ability to assume specified responsibilities.

  • Tree trimming, pruning and removal
  • Hazard/Danger trees (including those under/infringing on power lines)
  • Storm damage and debris cleanup and removal
  • Stump Removal
  • Mulching and/or slash crews (logging as required)
    • Fence lines, fields, windrows, roadways & roadsides
    • ROW’s – Utilities, Oil and Gas and Forestry
    • And many other sites that require clearing


  • Email:
  • Phone: 403.251-9517
  • Mark Tatem
  • 403.899.9592
  • Email:
  • Maria Tatem
  • 403.874.5024
  • Email:

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