CatChasing Div 21

Direct West Natural Resources LLP,

Division Twenty one, CatChasing,

Administrator: Dean Stratton
Ph: 1-250-302-5540

Seismic Faller’s: •

Utilize chainsaws to clear trees and undergrowth in order to construct a trail 1.75-3m wide

Review the falling area, checking the falling area for dangerous trees.

• Applies knowledge of tree characteristics and cutting techniques to control direction of fall.

• Appraise trees for characteristics, such as twists, rot, and heavy limb growth.

• Selects and clears proper escape route, communicates falling plan and ensures the active falling area is clear of all workers (must comply with distance standard).

• Clears brush and debris from work area. • Clears undergrowth, cuts saplings and other trees from falling path

• Removes dangerous trees that could fall into the work place A valid driver’s license is an asset and may be required by some companies in order to obtain employment. Potential candidates should also be aware that a driver’s abstract may be required. It should also be noted that some companies will require drug and alcohol testing prior to employment

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