Faller 1

Chopper Fells timber trees, applying knowledge of tree characteristics and cutting techniques to control direction of fall and minimize tree damage: Appraises tree for characteristics, for example twists, rot, and heavy limb growth, and gauges amount and direction of lean, using ax as plumb bob. Determines position, direction, and depth of cuts to be made and placement of wedges or jacks. Clears brush and debris from work area and escape route, and cuts saplings and other trees from falling path, using ax and chain saw. Scores cutting lines with ax, saws undercut along scored lines with chain saw, and knocks slabs from cuts with ax. Saws back-cuts, leaving sufficient sound wood to control direction of fall. Inserts jack or drives wedges behind saw to prevent binding of saw and start tree falling. Stops saw engine as tree tips, pulls cutting bar from cut, and runs to predetermined location to avoid injury from falling limbs and flying debris. May also work on piecework basis and be designated Busheler. May also cut trees into log lengths [BUCKER]. Fallers of small timber (generally under 18 inches in diameter) are classified as FALLER II.

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